Ten Ways "Cheap" Can Cost You More

Number Ten
"But I can buy those tires cheaper on the internet."

Number Nine
"I'll get used tires instead of new tires, it's cheaper."

Number Eight
"I'll get a plug in this damaged tire instead of a patch, it's cheaper."

Number Seven
"I can get that tire cheaper at the big box store - while I'm shopping for lettuce and baby socks."

Number Six
"I'd rather not replace the brake pads with the ones recommended, just put some cheap pads on instead."

Number Five
"I know the manufacturer recommends using synthetic oil, but I want the cheaper stuff."

Number Four
"I don't want to rotate the tires, it's cheaper to just leave them alone."

Number Three
"Why change the oil every 3000 miles? I wait for the low oil light to come on before I change it at all."

Number Two
"I don't keep going back to the same place for my work. I shop around every time and find the cheapest deal. No one place in town really knows much about my car, but it's cheaper to keep switching around every time and following every deal or coupon I can find."

Number One
"I know I have a coolant leak / oil leak / power steering leak, but it's cheaper to just keep adding fluid than to get it fixed."

Ever catch yourself saying one of these?

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